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This global themed journey included home stays and programs in Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska. Omaha's portion was "Introducing the Iron Horse", May 5-9. FFGO hosted 22 Ambassadors from Australia, New Zealand, England, Canada, Connecticut, Montana, Oregon, Washington, California and Arizona. The Ambassadors and hosts had lots of fun together. The Union Pacific's role in the Transcontinental Rail Road were explored at the Durham Museum and the Union Pacific Museum. Images of the struggle to head west were viewed at Pioneer Courage Park. Ollie the Trolley rolled through the older parts of Omaha with FFGO's John Stolte providing the historic narrative. After a native American dinner at the General Crook House at Old Fort Omaha, all were treated to native American dancing by the Winnebago Tribe.
Inbound Taming America's Great Plains, April 22-May 9, 2015
Friendship Force of Greater Omaha