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Outbound Journey to Canada June 9-16, 2014
Taming America's Great Plains hosting Oct. 31-Nov 5, 2014
Outbound Journey to Quad Cities, IA & IL, June 25-29, 2015
Western Michigan hosting, March 12-19, 2016
Quad Cities, IA & IL, hosting October 14-18, 2016
Open World Russia hosting Feb 2nd – Feb 8th, 2018
Outbound Journey to New Plymouth, NZ, April, 2017
Japan English Enrichment hosting May 9-16, 2017
Future Journeys
Outbound Journey to Adelaide, Australia, April 7-13, 2017
Outbound Journey to Perth, Australia, April, 2017
Friendship Force of Greater Omaha
For Journey Coordinator guidelines: Go to FFI website above. Go to bottom of page, under Resources, click Explore Member Resources. On the new page scroll down to Journey Documents and then to Journey Guidelines for Ambassador and Host Coordinators. Note the abundance of other helpful documents.
Outbound Journey to Western Michigan Sept. 18-25, 2018
FFI Training stopover October 9 to 12, 2018
Open World hosting, Armenia December 2018
Outbound Journey to Schwerin, Germany. Aug./Sept., 2019