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FFGO was presented an Outstanding Club of 2013 Award at the World Conference 2013 in New Orleans in November. The citation read "While normally each Club of the Year award is given to an individual club, this year we had to make an exception for four clubs who worked together to create an innovative and wildly successful program. After extensive collaboration and planning, they welcomed thirty ambassadors for a themed exchange to discover the history of the American frontier. As they followed in the footsteps of the early pioneers, they were welcomed into each Friendship Force club along the way. The experience was unforgettable for ambassadors and hosts alike. Congratulations to the Friendship Force clubs of Omaha, Lincoln, Kansas and Oklahoma, USA." Joy Schaal, the FFGO Host Coordinator for Taming a Harsh Land, was present to accept the award for FFGO.
Outstanding Club 2013 Award
Friendship Force of Greater Omaha
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