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Open World Armenia hosting November 30 to December 8, 2018
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The delegates represented a variety of Armenian government departments, from education to procurement and more. Weather was “iffy” upon the arrival of the delegates, but managed to behave during the Program days, which was a blessing since we had sessions in both Omaha and Lincoln.

This was a rather packed program, which provided many opportunities to talk with leaders in the state. The site visits resulted in a lot of questions and discussion at both local and state levels. The sharing of information made it clear that, though our systems are different, the groups had much in common. Discussions were topical, as evidenced when a missing report that was used as an example of transparency, in discussions with the State Ombudsman and Inspectors General ended up making the news the very next day.

Home hosts as well as Dave Crouse adjusted timelines and destinations to meet with the real-time demands and remain flexible. Still, we found time so that the delegates could experience some of our local culture: the zoo, the Durham Museum, an evening out on the town (this was a fairly young group – in their 30’s),and even the Strategic Air Museum.